New Hope Library

The library is a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to grow in faith. The books are organized into more than 50 categories so it is easy for just about anyone to find a book that fits their interests. It is our intent that the library will be available not only for New Hope, but also for all Christians in the Potsdam area. Books may be borrowed for a four-week period. More detailed instructions are available in the library.

View New Hope’s Library Online

Instructions for finding a book:

  • Click on the above link (opens new page with library spreadsheet)
  • Click on “Edit” from the menu-bar
  • Click on “Find and Replace” from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the book title, author, topic, etc., in the search field
  • Click “Find” to search spreadsheet.
    • Keep clicking “Find” to continue searching document

Email Jim Holt at if you have any technical questions or comments.