Due to Covid-19 we are not having any men’s events at this time. We do offer an in-person Thursday Morning Prayer Group for men. See out Small Groups page or contact Cullen Haskins for more information at cllnhaskins@gmail.com.

New Hope Men’s Ministry seeks to promote growth among the men of the church by sponsoring monthly events – including breakfast/fellowship and work projects. Men in our culture are faced with many difficult challenges. And since God intends to use every man, we need to seek Him in confronting those challenges that would knock us off the straight and narrow path he calls us to journey down.

Proverbs says “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

How sharp are you? Sharp enough to face life’s challenges head-on? If yes, then come and and encourage your brothers. If not, then come and be encouraged by your brothers. Either way, God wants to use you as an instrument of blessing to your brothers.

Come join us Thursdays at 6 AM for men’s prayer time at the church building. The coffee will be hot!